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Selling Your Home During The Holidays 

Selling Your Home During The Holidays

By: Tanya Torres


Photo by Arun Kuchibhotla on Unsplash


Selling your home will always be a difficult task to take on no matter what time of year it is, however, when you are selling a home during the holidays it can be even more difficult for you. The holiday season (November through January) is considered to be the worst time to put a home on the market, but it does not mean that you won’t be able to sell your home. On the contrary, putting your home on the market during the holiday season may help you take advantage of how serious buyers are at this time of year. Although the amount of buyers are less during the holiday season, the lack of multiple buyers helps you weed out the ones who are not serious about purchasing. This will in turn increase your chances of making your sale. If you are still serious about selling your home during the holidays then we have some tips ready for you to get you through those long, cold months.



During the holiday season, it is hard not to add the holiday spirit to your home in the form of holiday decorations. Although everyone loves venturing outside to go look at the beautiful holiday decorations, you may want to calm down with the decorations if you are planning on selling your home. If you are planning on adding decorations to your home regardless of you selling your home then you will have to think about adding only smaller decorations that are not too big or distracting for your potential buyers when viewing your home. You will also have to keep in mind that not everyone celebrates the same traditions as you so to avoid offending anyone during their tour, you might want to stick to general fall and winter decorations instead of anything that is religious. You want your potential buyer to feel at home and want to buy your home, if you distract them with big decorations or ones that offend them then you will lose your chance of selling your home. 


Reliable Agent

No matter what you do when you are selling your home, you always want to have a reliable real estate agent or agency guiding you throughout the process. You will need someone who will work diligently to make your sale happen no matter what time of year it is when it happens. If you are serious about selling your home during the holidays, you will need someone who will not disappear on you. Get recommendations from friends and family or even contact us today and we will be more than happy to help you throughout this journey. 



Normally people who are looking to buy a house during the holidays has a good reason to be doing so. The potential buyers could be relocating to the area due to work, a military transfer, college students and staff or more. There are plenty of reasons why someone is house hunting, but either way this can be used to your advantage. You can work with your agent to target buyers who fall under these categories and are under a deadline to find a place fast. This will ensure that your house does indeed sell ASAP. 


Curb Appeal

When you are selling your home, your curb appeal is something that will be pushed no matter what. Having a good curb appeal is extremely important because it is the first thing your buyer will be looking at when they see your home. However, you have to keep in mind that not only do you have to keep up with the falling leaves, touching up paint, sprucing up the yard and so on, but you have to look out for any dangers lurking around your home too. Keep a lookout for any ice patches on the floor, stairs and that everything is free of snow to avoid anyone falling and becoming hurt. 



During the cold winter months, you will see fewer and fewer people outside. No one wants to go outside and look for a place to live when they could be doing that at the comfort of their home. Although it is always better to see things in person, the weather will prevent a good chunk of your potential buyers from venturing outside to go look at your home. In order to guarantee that your home gets viewed, you will have to take the best photos possible that give your home a great impression while they are browsing on their phones or laptops. Make sure these are high-quality photos that flatter your home and try to have some of the photos taken in the summer or spring time so the buyers can see what your home looks like all year round. 


Cozy Home

Remember to have a warm and cozy home for those buyers who decide to go to your home in person. You want your buyers to feel comfortable and have a place to escape from the cold and having the heat on with holiday treats and holiday or classical music will get your buyers even more interested. This will help your buyers stick around longer in your home which allows them to admire everything about your home and that can lead to your home being taken off market. 


Video Tour

During the holidays, a lot of people are busy out of town or at the stores to go stop at multiple houses during their house hunting. We recommend creating a video tour to attract those buyers who are too busy to go visit your home in-person to see it on the web. This will also increase your chances of making a sale because it gives the buyer a better look at your home without having to drive out in a storm to physically see it. 


Brian Burds

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