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Selling Your Home During the Summer

By: Tanya Torres

                                                    Photo by Shayne Leslie on Unsplash


Selling Your Home During the Summer


Summer is the time of year everyone looks forward to because of the vacation time most get and all the sun and parties that come with it. Having our homes look its best is always important, but when summer rolls around then this is the time to make it look even more fabulous, especially if you are thinking about putting your home on the market. If you are considering listing your home then it is crucial to make sure it is ready to be on the market before summer arrives.Here are some tips to follow to make selling your home no sweat during the summer.



One main selling point that will make your life a lot more difficult if it is neglected is the exterior of your home. When you have a rundown looking home with a bad lawn, broken windows, cracks and clutter all around the outside of your home then it is not going to attract anyone. No one wants to live in a home and put money in a home that does not look like it is worth the investment which is why we recommend that you begin cleaning it up before you put it on the market. 

  • Mow the lawn and pull weeds
  • Water the lawn and plants
  • Trim trees, bushes and shrubs
  • Add some flowers and color on your lawn
  • Paint the outside of your home
  • Seal cracks
  • Paint your front door and garage door


Add to the Exterior

Updating your exterior is a lot more than you originally thought it was going to be. Updating your exterior means that you need to make it look good by bringing the inside of your home outside. For example, you can add beautiful lawn chairs, tables, canopies, an outdoor kitchen, an outdoor BBQ and more out there. By adding furniture outside, it can make your home look inviting and comfortable while allowing the potential buyer to imagine living there too. 


Repairs Before Listing

Selling your home can be very exciting, but if your home has a lot of problems in it then it is important to get these problem areas repaired as soon as possible. No one wants to invest their money into a home that is falling apart which is why we recommend that you begin making preparations before you decide to list it. For example, you may have a damaged roof that sometimes leaks when it rains or there are a few damaged doors, windows are old and breaking and more in your home. If that is the case then it is important to fix these repairs right away so you do not have to worry about them when you are giving home tours to your buyers. 


Keep Cool

When you have a cool and fresh home, it can make you feel relaxed and comfortable during the hot summers and that is something that your potential buyers will be looking for in a home. No one likes feeling hot in their home which is why air conditioners are so popular. If your home does not have an AC unit in it then it is still important to find ways to keep your home cool. For example, your air conditioner may not be working and that is something that a potential buyer will be looking at. You can easily solve this issue by adding window units, adding ceiling fans or getting your air conditioner repaired by an HVAC technician. 


Declutter & Depersonalize

When it comes to selling your home, you will always be advised to declutter your home. If your home is full of clutter and things that you have not used for a very long time then it is time to take advantage of your time you have before selling your home to begin decluttering it. You can start removing all the things you do not need or use anymore by selling them, throwing them away or giving them away. This is also the ideal time to begin removing any personal items of yours and your family’s to make your home look like it is not even being lived in at the moment. This is a key tip to follow since it allows your potential buyers to easily envision themselves living in your home without those thoughts being disrupted by a personalized item or picture of yours. 


Brian Burds

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