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Should I Buy an Established Home or a New One

By: Tanya Torres


When it is finally time for you to buy a house, you will need to figure out where you want to live, what neighborhood works best for you and so on. It is important to go over what type of house you want, if you want a two story or a one story, if you want a big backyard or a small one and if you want a new home or an old one. Figuring out what works best for you and your family is important when making a huge investment like this one. You do not want to wake up one day and realize that you hate your home, the location where you are and do not like how it was built. When you go out shopping for a home, knowing what you want will help you tremendously and the same goes for figuring out if you want a new or an established home. If you are still unsure of which type of home works for you then check out our tips to help you decide which home is the ideal choice. 


New Home

Buying a new home means that you will be paying at least 15% or up to 30% more than you would if you were to buy an older home. However, you will be buying a brand new home that looks and feels more modern than the older homes. New homes have an abundance of more options than an older one which is why more and more people choose newer homes. For example, newer homes have more open floor plans that allow you to still interact with those in your living room or watch your young children while cooking. Another great feature for a new home is that they have much larger rooms then their counterparts and they offer better natural lighting too. Lastly, a newer home offers more efficiency since builders are more inclined to use better insulation and the homes offer energy star appliances too. 


Older Home

If you are not a fan of the modern and sleek look then an older home is perfect for you. You want a home with charm and an older home can do that for you. There are plenty of reasons to choose an older home over a newer one and one of the main ones is that they have a larger yard while newer homes opt for smaller yards. This means that you can add on to the house without having to deal with running out of backyard space which is great in the long run. You also have neighbors who are well-acquainted with each other and have grown up with one another which can make your new home and neighborhood feel welcoming. Another great pro for an older home is that they tend to already have bushes, trees and shrubs growing so you do not have to wait years for trees to grow in your yard. Lastly, you will not have to deal with noisy businesses being built near your home which can disrupt your sleep and traffic. 


Newly Built Neighborhood

A new neighborhood is exciting to live in because there are so many things planned for that neighborhood. A new neighborhood offers better incentives to live in because they might be in the works of adding a new theater, building a better playground and parks, trails, aquatic centers and more. A new neighborhood and a new home offer plenty of great reasons to move to these locations, especially if you are wanting to start out fresh and not have to deal with eyesores of homes and more. 


Older Neighborhood

When you choose to live in an older home that has an established neighborhood, you are not faced with any surprises for the future when living there. This means that you will not have to worry about how the neighborhood changes because it has already been developed and people will be living there for a while. You might be faced with some new neighbors here and there but most of the time an older home and neighborhood stays the same. When you live in a new neighborhood, you will be faced with a lot of changes because everything is still vacant in that area. 



In a newer home that was just built, you will see that the home requires a small amount of maintenance since everything in the home is brand new. You will not have to worry about the HVAC unit not functioning or you having to spend money on repairs since everything will be new while in an older home you might be faced with a handful of repairs. When your home is new, you can remind yourself when the maintenance needs to be done which can extend the life of the machines. If the home you purchased is an older one then sometimes the owner does not leave the information of when the appliances and units were put in which can make taking care of them difficult. 


Brian Burds

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