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Smart Home Guide for Beginners

By: Tanya Torres

                                     Photo by Dan LeFebvre on Unsplash


When we have a smart home, it can really make our chaotic lives a lot easier since most of everything that we own can be connected to the internet. Having a smart home allows us to decrease our electricity bill while making a small but good impact in the environment since it reduces the amount of energy we use. When we have so many options out there to improve our lives, it is hard to trust what is good for our quality of life. However, when it comes to using smart technology to help make our chaotic lives less stressful then adding this smart technology into our home is a no brainer. Here are a few products to get you started on your upgrade for your home today. 


Smart Lights

Technology has revolutionized our world to the point that we can control the simplest things with the touch of our phone if it is connected to it. When we have a smart home, adding smart light bulbs can change everything about our home. Smart light bulbs can easily be turned on or off with or phone or if it is connected to something like Alexa then it can be turned on/off by simply telling Alexa to turn it off or on. Another great feature for these bulbs is that we can change the colors to either red, blue or green which can also help us when we have to wake up in the middle of the night for a glass of water or for other reasons. Lastly, smart lights are energy efficient which means they last longer than the standard light bulbs and reduce our energy bills too. 



When we are looking for more ways to save in every aspect of our lives then one of the first things we will need to update is our old thermostat to a smart thermostat. Adding a smart thermostat to our home is important because it can learn our heating and cooling preferences so it reduces the mistakes we make as humans when it comes to using one. A smart thermostat also is extremely convenient since it allows us to adjust the temperature through a simple app rather than having to get up in the middle of the night when we are comfortable to go adjust ourselves. It also is helpful when we are not home since we can adjust the temperature while we are away to either cool it down or warm it up so a comfortable temperature is ready for us once we arrive. 


Smart Doorbell

Replacing our simple doorbell with a smart doorbell can make our home become safer along with making it smarter. Smart doorbells are an ideal investment for us because it offers us a way to see who is ringing our doorbell or who is at our door even without them ringing the doorbell via our phone. This product can easily deter thieves and intruders from trying to enter our home because it shows them that they’re being recorded and we can make it seem like we are home since we can answer them through our mobile device. If we already have an Alexa or Google Home then adding the smart doorbell can also help identify and inform us of who is waiting at the door for us since it has the ability to recognize our frequent 



Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Another way to upgrade our home is by replacing our old smoke and carbon monoxide detectors with the smart versions of them. Having smart smoke and carbon detectors is extremely beneficial since it can immediately alert us by sending us clear spoken messages while sending alerts and notifications to our smartphones. For example, our old smoke and carbon monoxide detectors will just alert us with the irritating beeping and sometimes they just make these frustrating noises because they are not working and nothing is actually wrong. When we have the smart versions of these items, not only will it alert our phones if something is indeed wrong in our home but it will ignore false alarms too.


Smart Sprinkler

Keeping up with what we need to water can be tiresome and frustrating because of how easily these areas can be forgotten and neglected which is why adding a smart sprinkler to our homes can make life so much easier. A smart sprinkler allows us to control when we want to water and how much water we want to expose our lawn too. It also allows us to input the type of plants that are in our lawn and some adapt to the local weather to adjust to the amount of water needed due to sun exposure


Brian Burds

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