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Staging Your Home for Better Chances of Selling

Stage Your Home For Better Chances of Making a Sale

By: Tanya Torres

Selling your home can be difficult because you tend to have to go above and beyond to ensure that your home sells. You cannot rely on how nice your house looks if you don’t also put in an effort and stage your home to get your buyers interested. Would you purchase a home that had a bunch of clothes on the ground, toys, old furniture and dishes everywhere? It would most likely put you off and you’d walk on out of there as fast as you stepped into the home.

Your house may be beautiful, in a great location and has all the features that people dream about but if it isn’t presentable then it’s going to take a while to take it off the market. If you’re not familiar with staging then you will become well-acquainted with staging your home by the end of this blog post. 

What is Staging?

Staging your home is a critical part of selling your home. You can’t just put a for sale sign and hope you get money thrown at you in a flash, which is why we recommend staging your home. When you stage your home, you are trying to make a good impression with your potential buyers. When you stage your home, you are basically arranging your furniture and other decor in a certain manner to ensure your home sells. 

Will it Cost?

Although staging your home typically means you won’t be throwing any money at this process, you might have to invest some money if you need some extra work like painting, adding furniture, plants, decor, fixing the landscape and so on. However, it might also help you by removing any old and unwanted items too. It all depends on what you feel will motivate people to want to buy your home. 

How to Avoid Costs?

Before you start spending on services to help improve your home, you will have to start purging your home of all the knick knacks you have acquired over the years. You can either get a storage place to store all these items until you move to a new home or you can have a yard sale to make a small profit. If you have any remaining items, you can have another yard sale or even give away whatever you don’t want to keep. The goal is to remove as much as possible to make your home look bigger so it allows the visitors to imagine living there.

Deep Clean

Once you remove all of your personal belongings from your home, it will become extremely easy to do a deep clean. You will want to make sure you clean everything and make anything shiny sparkle for your visitors. If you have pets then you will have to wash anything they have been on to remove any pet odor while cleaning up any fur from whatever they have touched. You don’t want your potential buyers decide to not purchase your home because they were having an allergic reaction due to your furry friend’s fur. Airing out your home of any scents will be helpful too.

Lighting is Everything

When you’re shopping, the stores always have great lighting. It would be difficult to decide on whether you like something or not if you can’t see it, right? Well, the same goes for houses. You need to see everything to ensure that you are not being fooled with hidden problem areas. You also need good lighting to picture yourself living in the space which is why if you are going to be selling your home, then you need to brighten up the rooms. Start off by dusting your bulbs to let more light through, updating old fixtures or even opening up the curtains will help you add more light to your home.

Outside Appeal

When a person is looking for their next home, the first thing they look at is the outside of your house whether it is through pictures or as they pull up to the house. Having a good “curb appeal” is obviously important since that is the number reason why people stop and look at the house as their potential home. By staging your outside home, you will increase your chances of selling your home because that curb appeal is what draws the person to your home. Here is what you can do to entice your buyer:

Clean your windows. You need them to sparkle and shine to get the person’s attention.

Mow and trim the lawn. You don’t want your yard to look like it has never been taken care of.

Plant some flowers or trees and put a welcome mat. By having plants, it will immediately make your house look nicer. The welcome mat will also make it look more inviting too.

Check your address to see if it is readable. You don’t want your potential buyers searching aimlessly for your home and miss out on having them come check the home because they missed the address.

Power-wash walls and walkways. By power-washing the walls and walkways, it will remove built-up dirt and make it look fresher, newer and cleaner. 

Outdoor furniture is important. If you don’t have any outdoor furniture and you have a porch then you better get some out there to make the customer feel at home and welcomed.


Brian Burds

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