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Taco Tuesday!

El Paso Offers the Best Tacos 

By: Tanya Torres 

If you’re feeling like eating some tacos but there’s too many places to choose from then look no further because we have a list ready for you. Although there are a ton of places that is packed full of mouthwatering flavors, we have narrowed it down to this list to make it easy for you. 

If you haven’t heard about Dia De Los Pescados (DDLP) then you need to stop what you’re doing and check out their food on their Instagram page. DDLP has been around for about two years and has continued to drive customers to their family operated food truck from all over. This is one place you will be beating yourself up over if you never get to try it. Their food consists of fish and shrimp tacos, Po boys (fish or shrimp), Jumbo Coconut shrimp and more. Not only do they offer the best plates available of seafood, but it will leave you wanting more and you will soon find yourself counting the days until they open again on Thursdays.


If you didn’t know that Sabertooth Food Co. offers food and is located right next to their bar, Hope and Anchor then you better head over and try their food. Sabertooth looks and feels welcoming the moment you step inside their business and you will automatically be greeted by the entire staff. It’s a great place to go and pick up some lunch and dinner with family and friends, especially with all the great sales they have like their tacos that are $2 all day long. Choose to eat inside or outside, either way you will have a pleasant time.


When you hear about Little Shack, you hear about how the original location (Mesa and festival) was built as a shack. It’s an unexpected treat when you go eat there because of how interesting the decor and structure is and because of how tasteful the food is especially the fish tacos. The restaurant was built in 2010 and is one of the hidden gems in El Paso and fortunately has grown since then, adding two more locations to the list. For beer lovers, Little Shack allows their customers to bring your own beer (BYOB) which adds to the appeal to the authentic beach type of vibe it portrays.

Tacoholics was deemed as one of the top taco place a few years ago by the author of Tacos of Texas and still continues to provide amazing dishes for their customers. The restaurant also allows their customers to build their own tacos and even offers a menu for kids and agua frescas which is an added plus for El Paso residents. The menu offers a wide array of foods you can choose from to have a great lunch or dinner, seafood options to burritos, flautas, chicharrones to their teasers such as cilantro & kale rice. If you’re not a fan of cilantro and kale, you definitely will become one when you try their rice. Be sure to stop by Tacoholics for great food and customer service experience. 


Rulis International Kitchen is another restaurant that was mentioned in the Tacos of Texas and it really lives up to the author’s claim of being a great place to eat tacos. You will become hooked the  second you taste the different ingredients of the tacos. At Rulis, they offer you a different kind of experience with their tacos due to how they create them in a way that represents the different cultures and countries in the world. If you want something different or a traditional dish then Rulis can offer you just that.

Carnitas Queretaro Mexican Restaurant hasbeen around for over 20 years and began in Ciudad Juarez by the Bordier family and has added four locations in El Paso over the years. It’s no wonder why Carnitas continues to thrive in the two border cities and was mentioned in the Tacos of Texas book. The restaurant offers their customers the best ingredients that are homegrown, local products and you can go to it at any time of the day, no matter if it is for breakfast, lunch or dinner.


L&J Cafe is one of the oldest restaurants in El Paso and still continues to be one of the best in the city, after being voted as the best Mexican restaurant. It first opened in 1927 and was known as Tony’s Place, and provided home brew during the prohibition era. The restaurant continues to provide delicious food that is a mixture of traditional recipes with a twist on them. It is also known to have a dining room filled with signed photos of celebrities who have visited the business. This is one place that is a must to visit if you are checking out El Paso’s best tacos.


Lick It Up recently opened up a location on Mills Avenue this month and has already made a name for themselves with visits from the Food Network’s “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives” with Guy Fieri and many others. Not only has Lick It Up has been a popular place for vegans of El Paso to venture to, but it also has caught non-vegans eyes despite this city’s love for their typical cuisine. What makes this restaurant a gem for everyone is that it offers a healthier and tasteful version of the typical Mexican dishes with its all plant based food like the Seitan ‘Steak’, Mushroom Chorizo and more. If you’re craving something that works well with your diet and tastes good so you can forget that you’re not eating real meat with a bunch of grease then this is definitely the place for you.


Brian Burds

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