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El Paso Pet Salons

Top Pet Salons in El Paso By: Tanya Torres If you’re in need of a new groomer, daycare, and doggy hotel then be prepared to find a bunch of great options in El Paso for all your furry pet’s needs! We have compiled the top ones for you. Just take a look and see which […]

Choosing the right neighborhood By: Elise Morgan Reach her at twitter at @elisemthewriter Things to consider when choosing a Neighborhood Image by pexels If you’re in the market for a new home, the neighborhood you move into is just as important as the bricks and mortar you invest in. Finding the perfect home means identifying the perfect neighborhood […]

Pizza Places to Visit in El Paso

Pizza Places to Visit in El Paso   By: Tanya Torres   When lunchtime or dinner time rolls around, you sometimes don’t feel like having your leftovers or that sandwich you packed for work. You might be too tired to make food or you just don’t want to run to the store for some […]

Why You Should Always Let A Home Seller Sell Your Home

We outgrow everything, even our homes. If it’s time to move into a new place, you need to make sure you deal with your previous abode accordingly. Some people decide to rent out their home, which allows for some steady income over time. Others decide to sell their home in order to have more funds […]

Tips for a Fast Home Sale

While buying or building a new home is fun, selling a home is stressful. So, if you want or need to make a fast home sale, there are a number of steps that you can take to improve your chances of finding a buyer sooner rather than later. This is especially important if you need to […]

Why You Should Hire a Real Estate agent as a Home Seller

Many people believe that hiring a real estate agent as a home seller is both expensive and not necessary. However, a great one more than makes up for the commission they charge through the services they provide. These include pricing the house appropriately and working in the seller’s best interest. And while a real estate […]