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The Benefits of Hiring a Real Estate Agent

The Benefits of Hiring a Real Estate Agent When Selling Your Home

By: Tanya Torres



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For some reason a lot of people find it difficult to ask for help even when they absolutely need it. We may think that we have all of the answers or if it looks easy then it must be easy, but if we do not have background knowledge in something then we should be asking for help rather than figuring it out on our own. Although you can use the “if you want something done right then do it yourself” philosophy to overcome a difficult obstacle, this kind of philosophy only works when it is used on something you are knowledgeable in or an easy task. This type of thinking may work on simple matters, but it will not help you during the home selling process. 


When you sell your home, you need all the help you can get because it is not as easy as putting up a for sale sign on your lawn. It can become complicated with all the extra work that is put into it just to get a response to the listing which is why we have created a list to clarify why a real estate agent can be beneficial when selling your home.


Experience and Research

When it comes to dealing with money, it is always better to go with someone who can ensure that you will be receiving the most amount of money possible especially when selling your home. For example, if you intend to sell your home on your own then you will have to figure out how much to price the house at. You could either overprice your home or you can underprice it, either way it is not a good situation to be in. You might be thinking that overpricing will give you the most money available, however, that is not entirely true. When you overprice a home, it can prevent the home from getting any attention at all which will then lead it staying on the market for a longer period of time and you lose out on making any money. 


You may be wondering how this relates to experience and research, well when you hire an agent they will go above and beyond to make the sale happen. You are hiring them for their experience and their skills in research to figure out the right price to put your home at that will guarantee a sale. They will not be looking at your home with any sort of biased opinion when evaluating it. Instead of being overwhelmed with any past memories of the home like a homeowner would have, the agent has no emotional tie to it whatsoever. The agent will look at all areas and recommend where you need to make improvements or upgrades to the home. Not only will the agent come up with a realistic listing price for your home, they will also spot any problems that will need attention before the home inspection. 



If you intend on selling your home on your own then you are about to invest a lot of time into selling your home. This means that in order to sell your home, you will have to continually offer tours to prospective buyers no matter if they can afford it or not. During this time, you will be taking chunks of time out of your day to show your home and that means you might have to miss work or important events to do so. However, you can receive help if you do choose to hire an agent. When you hire a real estate agent, part of the agent’s job description is to show the home that is for sale. The agent will most likely only look at buyers who have gone through the financial steps to qualify for a home loan instead of offering a public open house. The agent will already know not to offer an open house for the public since it will prevent drawing in people who are only interested in looking at the house rather than purchasing. The agent will also speak to the buyer or their agent regarding whether they are pre-qualified or pre-approved for a home loan, how much of a down payment they can afford and so on. By doing this, the agent will be seeing where the buyer stands financially and preparing their negotiation for the deal. 



No one is a fan of filling out a bunch of paperwork and when you’re selling your home, you have plenty of forms to deal with. This process is crucial when selling a home because it ensures the sale is complete and legal. But when you’re dealing with mounds of paperwork, you never know what you might miss when you’re overwhelmed with thousands of papers. This is where an agent can really help you and lift the load off your hands. Real estate agents are trained to handle complex paperwork and see it on a daily basis while you probably only saw it once in your life when you were purchasing your home. Even if you had previously seen these documents during the home buying process, you only had to sign the documents and did not have to deal with much. Rather than work on the paperwork on your own, hire an agent to lessen your stress. 


Guarantee no mistakes 

A real estate agent will think of everything when selling a home because it is something that they are accustomed to after years of doing just that. A regular person with any other type of work experience will not know what to look out for and may even make lots of mistakes as a result. This is why a real estate agent is important because they research and prepare for every aspect of the sale to ensure everything goes well. As mentioned earlier, a real estate agent will not be biased in their decision of setting the price so that means they will not set an unrealistic price. The real estate will also consider will also ensure there are not any contingencies when a buyer makes an offer. For example, a person selling their home on their own will accept a high price but be unaware that the buyer is willing to buy the home at a high price but is asking for repair credits which could decrease the sale price dramatically and more. 



The best negotiators are those who practice it every day and that means if you have a job that deals with it then you must be a great one. However, if you work at a place that does not have to negotiate or make sale pitches then you won’t be fully prepared to negotiate with anyone else. When you have a real estate agent by your side, they will fight for the best price for you while you can sit back and relax. The agent will also be ready for any counteroffer and can make sure your listing price is met while making the sale. 


Brian Burds

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