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The Importance of Having Photos in a Listing

Photos are at the center of so much of what we do. We post photos of our lives online to share with friends and family. We share photos of big moments, achievements, or even just interesting things that we see. These photos are popular, and there is a reason for it. A lot of people are visual and prefer to be able to see what they are learning about, especially when it comes to real estate. In fact, a good photo listing can sell a house all on its own if you really think about it. Throughout this article, we will discuss the power of a portfolio photo listing and what it can offer.

The Importance of Including Photos in Your Listing

Photos used to be optional, but in today’s world, they are a requirement. We live in a world that is full of beauty, and the real estate industry knows how to highlight the beauty in the best possible way. With the right approach, you can give your listing an immediate boost.

To understand the importance of this, you must consider it from the buyer’s perspective. Reading a real estate listing isn’t very much fun, and most people don’t know the language. What they do understand is pictures. A picture can show off what a home has to offer, making it a great way to convey that information to the potential buyer. It helps them to see it for what it is.

By this point, it is important to understand that most people expect photos. Your competition will be using them, which means you need to as well. If you don’t, your home is more likely to be passed up on. No one really wants to visit a house when they don’t know anything about it other than a written description. With this new industry trend, you can safely assume that people might wonder if the house is ugly—and that will drive them away immediately.

Listing Photos Matter When You’re Selling a Home

A photo listing has the power to redefine your home in the eyes of a potential buyer. You can write a flowery description that makes it sound amazing, but when they can see it for themselves, it makes all the difference. Remember, you want them to want your home. To make this possible, you need to share as much as you can about it.

Selling a home is not easy, but when you give yourself that additional edge, you are more likely to walk away with great results. A photo listing can offer this by really allowing the potential buyers to imagine the space. It helps them to check out the scene and learn in advance if it is something that they might like, which can save you and a potential buyer quite a bit of time.

Professional Pictures

Professional photos are a must for a photo listing. You won’t catch any interest if your photos don’t look nice—and it is unfair to the home. The reality is that a home can lose buyer interest immediately if the photos are not good. This happens for a few key reasons.

The most obvious reason is that the home will likely not look good. A low-quality photo has the ability to transform a beautiful home into an ugly space that doesn’t show it off at all. By default, we are driven away from a lack of quality, and low-quality photos make everything look worse. Just think about the photos we used to take on cell phones!

In addition to the obvious quality concern, there is the lack of professionalism. When someone has poor or low-quality photos on their listing, it can seem like they don’t care about making the sale. It might even influence how your potential buyers think you take care of it, which can drive them away even further. 

The Most Important Part of Your listing Could Be Real Estate Photography

A listing is composed of many parts, but the most important part really is photos. When people look at a home, they will always scroll through the photos before they bother with reading the description, and it is important to plan for that. When it comes down to it, photos will be what they see first—and what they search for.

While the written part of a listing is important, it should always be considered a bonus. People will generally decide by looking at the photos if the home is even worth reading the description. When they see a photo of a home that they like, they will be more interested in seeing what else the home has to offer. This means that any additional benefits in the listing will only make them that much more interested!

Why a Listing Needs Good Photos

Good photos are a crucial part of any listing for one plain and simple reason: people love them. Looking at photos of a beautiful home is exciting, which is why channels like HGTV are so popular. With the right photos and great staging, you can capture buyer interest almost immediately. 

Drawing people in on a listing is necessary because you want them to want more. Not only do you need to catch their interest, but you need to make them curious. Good photos can do this, and that is how you take an interested buyer and get them to book a tour of the home. It puts you that much closer to making the sale!

Final Thoughts

Professional images are one part of the real estate process that every seller should know about. If you don’t know how to take high-quality photos, it can really pay to hire a professional photographer who will be able to highlight your home in a flattering light. Remember, after you’ve taken those amazing photos, it is time to touch them up with a little light editing. Well-edited photos can cause potential buyers to start lining up today.


Brian Burds

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