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The Top 5 Benefits of Living in El Paso

By: Kyle Spearin

El Paso, Texas is a beautiful area that is known for its fair share of happy citizens, but it is kind of a hidden gem. Looking for a new place to call home is always a challenging task, but it doesn’t need to be. El Paso is a wonderful city that has so much to offer new and existing residents, which is why we wanted to take some time to highlight El Paso and what makes it such an incredible place to live.


  1. The Beautiful Weather

While it can be nice to see a nice snowstorm every once in a while, the majority of us would prefer to enjoy nice weather. Fortunately, El Paso has surprisingly neutral weather with short winters. This beautiful area is known to be friendly for all of your favorite outdoor activities and it stays that way year-round.


In El Paso, you can expect mild weather changes. It might not be incredibly warm every single day, but it makes up for that by keeping storms to a minimum. Unlike other areas, which can be known for an excess of rain and snow, El Paso remains friendly all year long for residents. On average, El Paso only has a few storms each year. If you are looking to avoid inclement weather, it is the perfect location.


  1. El Paso Culture

El Paso is a unique area that brings together the best parts of big cities and more suburban areas. Though you can easily head into the city for a wide range of big city activities, you can also enjoy a suburban living experience nearby. It is an area that accommodates the partiers and homebodies evenly, making it a good fit for most people.


The power of El Paso’s culture is in its historic relevance. So much of the area has a rich and compelling history that makes it a lot of fun to explore. You can visit local hotspots or museums to learn all about El Paso and how it was formed. It is a great way to connect to the area and explore this thriving city.


Considering how many beautiful outdoor areas it has, it is no secret that El Paso culture is fairly outdoorsy. You won’t meet a lot of people here who don’t enjoy spending their time outside visiting local landmarks and once you begin to explore them, you will see why it is so popular. For those in search of nature and the city in one place, El Paso has plenty to offer.


  1. A Thriving Job Market

Unlike a lot of other cities, El Paso’s job market is flourishing. Right now, there are jobs available in virtually every industry, making it a good city to move to for two working spouses. In El Paso, there are a lot of opportunities for someone to enter their favorite market whether they have years of experience or are just getting started.


What most people don’t realize is that there are a surprising number of big companies that have their primary work facilities in El Paso, Texas. While some have their headquarters in El Paso, others just have a large presence there. Whether you’re looking to enter the world of finance or you want to make it in tech, El Paso is filled with opportunity for those who work for it.


  1. Affordable Cost of Living

All around the country, certain key hotspots are attracting a lot of attention. Cities like New York and Boston have always had a high cost of living, but now other cities, like Denver, are also joining the ranks. The average person doesn’t want to see their entire paycheck going to living expenses, which is why El Paso is such a great option. Not only do they have a thriving economy, but they also have a low cost of living. In El Paso, buying a home or making a good wage is surprisingly achievable. 


One fact that residents of El Paso love is the lack of state income tax. This means that you don’t have to pay state taxes for your income, which can save quite a bit of money. Ultimately, El Paso lets you keep more of your check than other areas and charges you less for everything that you want to do. These benefits can be particularly helpful for those who are self-employed and looking to make the most out of their efforts.


  1. Endless Sunshine

The majority of us love a good sun-filled day and El Paso offers it in surplus. El Paso’s nickname is actually the ‘Sun City’ because it has a shocking number of sunny days. The sun is always shining in this city, and that offers some truly unique perks.

Living in a sunny area is great because it is almost always a good day to go outside. You can enjoy your time walking the dog or exploring some trails in El Paso throughout the majority of the year. If you love to soak up the sunshine and like to enjoy a year-round tan, El Paso has plenty to offer. 


Sunshine doesn’t just lift our spirits because it is warm or comforting. It can play a vital role in our mental health. With endless sunny days in El Paso, you can rest easy knowing that you are getting some much needed Vitamin D. Give your brain and spirits a boost by living in a city that wakes you up with sunshine every single morning.


Final Thoughts

As more people realize what a great place El Paso, Texas is, more are beginning to move here. El Paso is a neutral and pleasant area that can accommodate the needs and interests of most people. It offers a fun local culture, a collection of beautiful natural experiences, and an environment that makes it easy to spend more time outside. 


Before you decide on your next forever home, take some time to head over to El Paso and learn all about this thriving city. You might just find that it is the home that you have been looking for all these years!


Brian Burds

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