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Tips for Moving in the Summer

By: Tanya Torres


Photo by HiveBoxx on Unsplash


Moving is already a tedious and difficult task that no one wants to deal with which is why there are moving companies to hire to aid you through this change in your lives. However, dealing with ridiculous weather like the extreme heat during summertime on top of the stress of moving can make the move even worse for you. Although moving is the same process during any time of the year, dealing with heat can really amplify your frustration and exhaustion when moving. To make things easier for you during your move, you have created a list to help make moving easier during the summertime by providing tips to stay safe from the heat. 


Make a Plan

Moving may seem like it is extremely easy and it requires no effort, but that is far from the truth. When you are planning to move homes, you need to first make a plan to ensure that everything goes smoothly. Planning in advance can keep you on top of things and it will make the busiest time to move a lot easier since you are aware of what you need to get done before the move happens. It also reduces the chances of anything going wrong because you have looked into all aspects of the move to guarantee everything goes smoothly. Lastly, planning ahead for your move will help you tremendously since it gives you enough time to go over every detail of the move. 


Start Early

Sometimes it feels like the sun is trying to melt you with how hot it can get outside. As a result, you tend to avoid the sun at all costs because of how hot you get and tired. When you have to move, there is no way of avoiding the heat outside. But instead of forcing yourself to get everything done in one day, you can begin our move in the early mornings to get everything packed and out of your home. Starting your move as early as 4 a.m., will give you an ample amount of time to get most of your belongings moved into your vehicles and you can finish right before lunch. This is the ideal time to do this because you do not have to deal with the sun and UV rays in the afternoon. If this time can’t work with your schedule then try the evenings and avoid moving at noon to 5 p.m. 


Take Breaks

After most of your packing is done, it is important to at least take a break from all the heavy lifting you have done for the past few hours. Moving is mentally and physically draining which is why it is recommended to take a break as long as you can so you can get energized again. Instead of rushing out the door to unpack everything in your new home, you can choose to sit down and relax so you do not overexert yourself. Be sure to take a 15 minute break every four hours. 


Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated will ensure that we do not become sick from dehydration. When you have to move during the summer, the sun and heat takes a lot out of you. To avoid feeling sick, you should keep water on hand as well as gatorade or pedialyte. 


Wear the Right Clothes

Moving boxes and furniture in extremely tight clothing is an accident waiting to happen just like wearing too loose of clothing too. Although wearing loose clothes can keep you feeling fresh and unrestricted at the same time, it can also be a safety hazard since you could get caught on items that you are moving and it can result in an accident. Choose clothes that are comfortable enough to wear that you feel confident that you will not have any type of problem when you begin moving. It is also important that you wear the right shoes along with the right clothing. For example, you will need to wear closed shoes to protect your feet from anything that falls down.  


Stay Fresh

Not only do you have to stay hydrated on moving day but you need to stay fresh too. The temperature being in the 100s is a typical day during the summertime but if you are moving the day that it reaches 107 then you will need to stay out of the sun as much as possible. If you cannot avoid the sun and have to move later on in the morning like around 8 and later then you will most likely be dealing with the heat by lunchtime. As a result, it is important that you try to stay in the shade as much as possible during this move. 


Sunscreen & Sunglasses

Another way to protect yourself from the sun and the heat is to wear sunscreen and your sunglasses. Protecting your skin and your eyes is extremely crucial when you are outdoors because it protects your skin, prevents sunburns, protects from the UV rays and more. 


Brian Burds

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