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Tips for moving with pets

Moving with pets- tips to make your move pet friendly

By: Tanya Torres

Planning a move is already time consuming and stressful, but having to figure out how to bring your pets along with you is another difficult task. To prevent any stress additional stress on you and your furry friends, we have created a great list of tips on how to make your move pet friendly. 

Preparing your pet

If your pet is not currently crate-trained then your first step is training them in a timely manner before the move day approaches. You might see some resistance from your furry friend at first and it will leave you feeling reluctant in trying again. However, you have to remind yourself that it takes time and by leaving snacks, the crate door open and a blanket will create a positive environment and experience for your pet.

You can also take your pet on short rides using the crate so they become accustomed to it and then gradually make the trips longer to prepare them.

Although it is recommended for pets to be kept in a crate during travel, there are a lot of seat belts available for bigger dogs that you can purchase to make your pet feel more at ease. 

Contact your vet

Before you leave, you will need to contact your pet’s veterinarian to ensure they have up-to-date rabies tags. The collar should also have your new address on it and phone number. You can also have your pet microchipped just in case if they runaway and you are unable to find them. Lastly, your vet can also offer great advice for pets who do not like to travel and can offer medication or behavior modification techniques to make the trip less stressful for them. 

Not only will your vet offer great information and advice for your move with your pet but they can also recommend new veterinarians too. Your vet can also provide a copy of the medical records so you can give them to the new vet to ensure you have everything just in case of an emergency. 

Overnight bag

Just like you have to pack an overnight bag for emergencies such as hospital stays and so on, you should also pack one for your pets too. The overnight bag should have extra food, snacks, toys, documentation, grooming tools and whatever else your pet loves to have with them.

Keep your pet out of the chaos

Your pet is going to be just as stressed as you will be so it is best to keep them in a quiet area, away from a lot of the action going on. It is also recommended to keep your pet with a friend or in the kennel with food and water. It is also important to keep up with your regular routine (feeding and walking time) so your pet won’t feel overwhelmed with all the new changes going on. By keeping them in a separate room in your new home, it allows you to move your belongings without your pet becoming agitated with all the changes. It is advised to set up your new home as much as you can before you move your pet there. But if you still need a lot to set up then be sure to have familiar items to make them feel at home.

Do not let your pet out until you have arrived

Your pet it not going to instantly know their new route home so it is best not to let them out to avoid them running away or getting lost. When you arrive with your pet at your new home, make sure to let them out of their kennel inside your new home and let them become adjusted to their new environment. Do not be alarmed if it takes more than a few days for them to become comfortable with their new surroundings. They might not be pleased about this new transition but eventually they will begin acting normal. It is also important to take them for a walk around the neighborhood so they can learn their new route home if they ever get out of your property. 

If you still feel overwhelmed about this move with your pets then it is always best to make a list so you know what to bring along with your pet and be sure to bring along your furry friend’s favorite toys for the journey!


Brian Burds

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