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Tips on Updating Your Kitchen 

Tips on Updating Your Kitchen 

By: Tanya Torres


If you have been wanting to change up your kitchen, but can’t afford the cost of renovations then you’re not alone. You might be dreaming about upgrading your kitchen as you watch those home renovation shows, but you feel as if you will never be able to afford any of the same changes in your home due to money and time. If you do not have the time or financial resources to have some remodeling down to your home then you don’t have to worry about it never happening. There are plenty of ways you can update your kitchen without breaking the bank. Here are some tips to get you started.



Lighting will always be important no matter which room you are looking to update for your home. In the kitchen, it is essential to have good lighting because you will not be able to see what you are doing while making your meals. Adding halogen fixtures or light tape can make your food prepping a lot easier especially if you add the halogen fixtures under the cabinets. However, you will have to contact an electrician to ensure the job is done correctly. 



Instead of gutting your entire kitchen and doing the grueling renovations, you can skip all of that and begin resurfacing your cabinets in a shorter amount of time. When you reface your cabinets, you are replacing the drawers, doors and covering it with a coat of veneer. This is the perfect project for your kitchen if you are a fan of the layout and the functionality of your kitchen but you are not pleased about the aesthetic feel in it since you can remove the original doors and replace them with a more modern work. Although kitchen refacing is more affordable and faster than having the entire kitchen renovated, you are still looking to pay $3,000-$5,000 for a professional to do the job. However, you can also make it into a DIY project and paint and prep everything on your own. You just have to be careful during it to avoid dealing with paint that is peeling and chipping due to not being patient with the project. 


Appliances and Plumbing

When you are updating your kitchen, you can’t just stop when you update the cabinetry because your new kitchen look will look incomplete. You have to update everything in your kitchen and that includes updating your dated appliances, especially if you are looking to sell your home. A nicely renovated kitchen will appeal to all of your potential buyers and ensure the sale does happen. By adding new stainless-steel appliances and updating your faucet, you will not only be adding the finishing touch to your kitchen but it will also save you some money in the long run on your energy costs and help you sell your home at a better price. 



If you are wanting to update your kitchen but your cabinets are not working with your plans because they don’t have the interior lip molding then you are not out of luck. You can remove your cabinet doors to create open shelving which will also make it easier for you and your guests to find dishes. It will also show off those beautiful dishes that you purchased back in the day or were handed down to you. You can also create your own open shelving if you have an open space on the wall for it by adding floating shelves on the wall. Just remember to add brackets under them to ensure that the shelves have ample support so it does not fall and you have to repurchase dishes. 



For your countertops, you can go out and purchase natural stone from Formica at Home Depot which is a less expensive route to go to update your counters. This brand is not only affordable, but they offer an array of patterns and options to find the perfect piece for your kitchen. If you are also interested in adding more counter space to your home, then you can add a premade island or table that is the height of a bar table. You don’t have to focus on just those options for extra counter space, you can also go out and check out a restaurant supply store to see if they have any food prep tables for your kitchen. 



If you have ever walked into a kitchen that has a backsplash then you probably loved the kitchen even more because of that nicely added touch to it. Backsplashes are great especially when you want something unique painted on them or you just want something different altogether. A backsplash can be a timeless piece to your kitchen that can complement the look you have in the kitchen. If you are interested in turning it into a DIY project then you can purchase high-gloss paint for a reasonable price and paint it yourself. 


Brian Burds

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