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Tips & Tricks for Real Estate Photography

Modern real estate efforts are largely digital, and it is easy to see why. The average person would like to look at a home online before ever visiting it, which puts real estate agents against a unique challenge. If what people see online can make or break how they feel about a home, it is important to remember that photography is a huge influencer. To help, we wanted to make this quick set of tips on real estate photography. You’ll love the results.

Real Estate Photography Tips

Knowing how to snap a good photo isn’t just about having the eye for photography. In reality, photographers take specific steps to create the best photos and you can too. With these tips on real estate photography, you can’t go wrong.

Use Clean Lighting

Shadows and unpleasant lighting shades have no room in the world of real estate photography. In fact, they can absolutely ruin a picture. You want rooms in a home to look bright and inviting, so aim for bright lighting that opens up the space.

Use Consistent Lighting

An easy mistake to make is not using consistent lighting. This will make every picture look different, which can feel odd to potential buyers. Keeping consistent lighting and coloring in every picture can really help you to make a home look like one beautiful masterpiece.

Remove Clutter Before Photos

Clutter never looks good in photos, which is why you need it gone. Cleaning up a space before taking photos can make a home immediately look better and more inviting. You want to present the space as open and clean so everyone can imagine their own belongings in it, just like you would when staging.

Tips for Beginner Real Estate Photography

You don’t need to be a professional photographer to take great photos. Creating quality photos is something that anyone can do, and you can see evidence of this online. With the right approach, you can help any home look amazing in photos.

Invest in a Good Camera

Phone cameras might seem powerful, but they still aren’t great for this kind of professional photography. A high-quality camera will help you to capture the room in all of its glory so you are always showing off the absolute best. Good cameras also come with additional perks that can really make your photos pop.

Use a Tripod

Tripods are one of the best photography tools available. These devices allow you to perfect balance your camera and keep it aimed at exactly the right place. It is a subtle difference that has some pretty amazing results. The stabilizing nature of these tools can help you to go from a general photo to a professional photo very quickly.

Try Different Angles

Some rooms need a different angle to make them shine. You probably won’t capture the entire room, so make sure that you are showing off the best parts. Different angles can help to highlight the best parts of your real estate photography skills by showing off how intuitive you are. Sometimes you might think a picture looks good, but a new angle can easily make it ten times better. 

Why Quality Photos are Half the Battle

Taking quality photos is the most important part of real estate photography, but it isn’t always easy. It comes with unique challenges, but the benefits are unparalleled. The truth is that a good set of photos can sometimes sell a home in its own way. Not only will you get more interest, but you will have more people seeing the home in the best possible light, regardless of when they actually tour it.

Capturing quality photos involves taking the time to learn the consistencies and differences. Some tricks can be used in every home while other homes will shine more with a slightly different approach. Learning all of this and refining your process to ensure that everything works out in the end can take some time. It will feel like a battle, but once you manage to get your process down, you will realize just how easy it is. Whether you’re a real estate agent trying to sell a home or you want to be a photographer for the industry, getting quality photos can make all the difference.

Ultimate Guide to Taking Real Estate Photos

Taking real estate photos is a process that really improves with practice. What feels awkward at first will feel like a standard part of your real estate photography process down the line. Here’s how to reach that professional level faster.

Practice, Practice, Practice

The most important thing that you can do as a photographer is to keep practicing. Take photos of new spaces everyday—or work with the same ones you have. As long as you keep working hard, you will find that your photos get a little bit better every single day.

Take a Ton of Photos

While practicing is important, photographers have a very easy trick: they take a lot of photos of the same spaces. You don’t need to step in and get that one iconic picture the moment that you enter a room. In reality, you should be taking a lot of pictures to find the best one. You never know what subtle differences can do for a photo, and it is also easy to overlook a glaring issue in a photo. If you have several of the same scene, you have a much higher chance of finding a good one.

Final Thoughts

Above all else, you want to be consistent with your photography. But, in order to get there, you must be open to exploring your process. A good real estate photographer is absolutely invaluable, and it is a great secondary skill for agents to have. To make yourself the obvious choice, continue to practice and explore what each new home has to offer. Before long, you will know exactly what kind of picture to take at each new location. Just remember to always visit when there is good lighting.


Brian Burds

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