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Use Natural Lighting to Your Advantage in Your Home

Use Natural Lighting to Your Advantage in Your Home

Photo by Erick Lee Hodge on Unsplash


When the weather is too brutal either from being cold or hot, it makes us dread heading out the door for whatever errand or job we need to do. Most of the time, people tend to stay indoors as much as possible during the coldest and hottest days just to avoid the harsh elements outside. During the wintertime, we are more likely to become sick because of the increase of illnesses during these cold months which is why we opt to stay home as much as possible. Although staying indoors seems like it will lessen the chances of us becoming sick, it does not mean that it is a 100 percent guarantee. Despite that, there are plenty of ways that we can take advantage of some of the benefits of natural lighting in our homes. Instead of being forced to stay home and becoming sick due to not being around enough natural light, you can use your home’s lighting to your benefit and receive vitamin D without having to step outside. Not only will natural light in your home helps you and those living with you physically and mentally, but it will also make your home look better too while cutting your bills in half.



Everyone loves saving money so why not take advantage of the natural light coming into your home instead of turning on a light? When you open up your blinds or curtains and allow light to come into your home, you are reducing the amount of energy and money you are using on your electricity. In order to take advantage of the natural lighting entering your home, you will have to begin by switching your heavy curtains for sheer ones along with using mirrors, metals and anything shiny to reflect the light into your home. Although it seems tedious, it will save you in the long run and you can store all that saved money away for a rainy day. 


Adds Value to Your Home

The lighting of a home is important no matter if you are living in your home, about to purchase a home or selling your home. If your home does not have enough sunlight coming in then it will decrease your chances of getting off the market faster at a good price. To increase your home’s value, you can start by adding window treatments to your home, adding skylights or furnishings that have glass or shiny parts to them to reflect the lights better. You can even add bigger windows or french doors to your home to make your space look and feel bigger which will in turn increase your home’s value. 



If you have ever attempted to do anything in the dark then you might notice that you start to lose concentration and focus the longer you are sitting in the dark. When you have natural light in your home, it can really help ensure that you stay on task no matter what time of day it is. A naturally lit space increases your productivity and alertness while helping you feel well-rested because of the exposure to the natural light. 


Improves Immune System

No matter what age we are, we are always told the importance of being outside and getting vitamin D. Even as newborns, they are required to receive a certain amount of sunlight every day because of how crucial vitamin D is for our immune system. Without any vitamin D, we would not be able to efficiently fight off an infection because our T cells would stay dormant due to the lack of vitamin D in our systems. Not only can natural light help us fight off infections, but it can also help with our blood pressure too. Exposing our bodies to any type of natural light even in the home is critical for us because even small amounts of sunlight can decrease our blood pressure and reduce our chances of having a stroke or a heart attack. 


Boosts Happiness

If you have been feeling stressed, tired, anxious or just unhappy then the sunlight can definitely turn your mood around. Instead of feeling gloomy in your dark bedroom or home, you can instantly change your mood by allowing the sunlight to enter your home. Once you get enough sun, your serotonin will increase and help you gain energy, make you happier and less stressed out due to the happy hormones (endorphins) that it produces. 


Brian Burds

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