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Using Natural Cleaners in Your Home

By: Tanya Torres

Photo by CDC on Unsplash


Cleaning our homes is always important, especially when we are trying to rid our homes of harmful viruses such as the COVID-19. Right now a lot of people are worried about bringing the virus home to their loved ones and having to venture out to search for cleaning supplies has become rough. Although we might not be able to wait in long lines to go into stores or we have returned from the store after waiting hours to get in and found the supplies to be diminished, we can stop worrying about not having a way to protect ourselves and our loved ones from this virus. Instead of feeling defeated when we cannot find cleaning supplies for our home and allow stress and debris pile up, we can choose to use more eco-friendly home cleaners. By creating our own homemade and natural cleaning supplies to disinfect our home, we don’t have to worry about the harsh smells and dealing with long lines and the possibility of becoming sick ourselves. Here are some tips to help you get started. 


Baking Soda

When our drains are not working properly and we do not have the right tools to fix it then we can easily help fix it. All we will need is baking soda and vinegar since the powder helps dissolve proteins and balances the pH level of water. Pour down the baking soda and an equal amount of vinegar down the drain and afterwards it will begin to foam in the drain and pipes. As a result, this foaming reaction allows the mixture to deodorize and clean the drain. We can also add water to the solution to make a paste that can help remove rust, clean silver, remove stains and clean laundry. Not only does baking soda deodorize our fridges, but it can be used in just about anything like we can use it to even brush our teeth or deodorize our shoes. 


Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide can be used as a replacement for bleach to kill bacteria and eliminate stains, mold and mildew. It is also recommended to use during this crisis since it can kill bacteria and it is a safe alternative to bleach. This product will also be easier to find because most people will be out looking for supplies that are in the cleaning supplies section. It is also good to use this over bleach because we can avoid cleaning in an area with harsh chemicals that can cause us to have trouble breathing, can harm our skin and other sensitive parts of our body. 



Salt is a simple solution to complex cleaning problems such as rust and so on. Salt can be used in just about everything like cleaning and disinfecting areas of our home along with deodorizing our homes. Another great use for this common household item is that it can remove marks or burnt foods on our pans and stove. It can be used to even shine up silver and gold while disinfecting and deodorizing it too. However, that can only happen when we use a salt based paste. Lastly, we can keep our sponges germ-free by soaking them in a saltwater solution when we are not using them instead of having to throw them out faster than we would like to. 



Another all-purpose cleaner that can easily remove grease on surfaces is vinegar. When we want to remove grease, clean our wood floors, mirrors, windows, glass, remove mold, clean our faucets, showerheads and more then vinegar is the right solution for our problems. Vinegar can easily disinfect surfaces which is something that we really want, especially right now. Instead of trying to find cleaning supplies in an already packed store and risk our chances of catching a virus, we can look in our pantry to find some vinegar to clean these areas. All we will have to do is mix vinegar with an equal part of water and put it in a spray bottle and begin cleaning. 



Soap is the easiest solution for us because we always have soap and soap can easily break down grease and dirt and we can use it just about anywhere in our home. However, we have to be sure to choose a soap that is made of natural ingredients with whole oils and fats that are added with alkali. 



Another easy and versatile solution for us when it comes to cleaning is using lemons. Lemons can easily deodorize, polish and clean messes in our home and the acid can remove any grease left over in our kitchen while disinfecting it along the way. 



Brian Burds

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