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Using Virtual Home Tours Can Make Selling a Home Easy

Using Virtual Home Tours Can Make Selling a Home Easy

By: Kyle Spearin

The world changed forever in 2020—and it helped us to move in a new direction. The virtual world is officially upon us. While the circumstances that led us here might be a bit unpleasant, this is a shift that has come with a wide range of benefits. Now, we are normalizing virtual tours with some pretty great results. In this article, we will discuss virtual home tours and how they can help you to sell your home.

What are Virtual Home Tours?

Virtual home tours are a new kind of home tour that allows interested buyers to tour your home from the safety and comfort of their own. They focus on providing digital navigation around the home—and there are a lot of great ways to go about this!

These tours make it easy for you to show off the best parts of your home in a fun and modern way. While variations of them have been around for some time, there are some amazing new ways to help present your home in a way that appeals to buyers. Even better, it allows you to safely sell your home with ease.

Types of Virtual Home Tours

Virtual home tours have been a fairly standard practice, but more often than not, they relied on simplified videos or images. Now, virtual home tours are being crafted with incredible modern technology, making it easy for you to really show your home off well. The three most common types of virtual home tours are: live, pre-recorded, and 3D tours.

Live Virtual Home Tours

Live virtual home tours can be exceptional for helping your potential buyer to connect with a space. In these tours, you or your real estate agent will use a camera to help the buyer tour the property in real-time. With this approach, you can ensure that your potential buyer gets to see all the best parts of the house—and they can even ask questions along the way!

Using this type of virtual home tour can be incredibly effective when it comes to convincing a buyer. The live tours are always a little more intimate than others. It allows you to really share your passion for your home with the buyer and can help them feel like they have the right information to make an informed decision.

Pre-Recorded Virtual Home Tours

With a pre-recorded virtual home tour, you can give your potential buyers the complete tour once and let them decide what works for them. This style of tour involves walking all around the property and highlighting each portion of the home. A pre-recorded tour is fairly easy to make and gives you control over what you show off. There are different ways to approach this. Some people add narratives during the tours and others simply add a nice bit of background music to set a good tone for the tour. These virtual home tours can be accessed any time of day or night, making them approachable and easy.

3D Virtual Home Tours

A 3D virtual home tour is one of the more popular modern touring styles. With special cameras, you can create a complete virtual walk through of your home. A lot of buyers like this because it allows them to control what they are looking at throughout the process. On a webpage, they can navigate your home freely and spend as much time as they want looking at an area. With each click, they can spin in a perfect circle to see the room as if they were in it. 

Pros of Virtual Home Tours

Now more than ever, virtual home tours have a lot of benefits. In general, they make showing off your home a much more approachable process. Here is how they can help.

More People Can See Your Home

Virtual tours allow you to show off your home to a wide range of people without major scheduling concerns. In most cases, this style of tour is great because customers can look at your home the moment that they want to see it.

They Allow You to Highlight Certain Elements

We all have parts of our homes that are a little more special than the rest. With a virtual tour, you can make sure that buyers know exactly what they are getting. Using a virtual home tour to share the heart of your home can do a great job of convincing buyers that it is the right place for them.

It is Accessible

Accessibility is a very important factor because it helps you to reach a wider audience. With virtual home tours, potential buyers can view your home from anywhere. This is important if you want to get more interest on your home. It can help you find the right buyer fast!

Cons of Virtual Home Tours

Virtual home tours are a modern marvel, but they aren’t entirely without fault. These are some of the common problems that people run into.

You Need the Right Equipment

Equipment is a huge concern for this approach. You will need a really great camera, or potentially a 3D camera setup to make it all possible. Fortunately, real estate agents can help with this area if you are working with one.

They Don’t Show it All

In most cases, a virtual home tour will not show off every part of your home. Since this is the case, people might not see something that they want—and that can cause them to no longer consider your home. It can be fairly limiting, so make sure you always do a good job of highlighting the best part of your home for them to see. A boring or overly simple virtual home tour can cause you to miss out on your perfect buyer, so make sure you always do your best or work with a professional.


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