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Ways to Prepare Your Home for the New Year

Ways to Prepare Your Home for the New Year

By: Tanya Torres




We all have goals and resolutions we want to complete and the list goes on and on as the new year approaches us. At the end of the year, we tend to have a lot more inspiration and determination to complete these new goals of ours for the coming year. However, most of these goals do not always get complete and we push them to the back of our minds because other things are prioritized over them in the end. Although we like to push these lists aside and forget about them, things like cleaning the gutters, carpet, windows and adding weatherstripping and so on continue to be added onto these lists of ours. Although this list has become more of a chore, it shouldn’t prevent us from checking them off for our new year resolution. 


Give Clutter the Boot

After the holidays, we add to our collection of clutter no matter if it is something that was wanted or not. Holidays are a good time for clutter to appear and sometimes it isn’t even necessarily needed in the home. Once the year is up, it seems like there is a mountain of unnecessary things in our homes but it does not mean that we should just pack them away in the garage or attic. The best way to keep our home clean and manage it easier is to purge our home of all the clutter that has been building up since as long as we can remember. 


This is the perfect time of the year to begin the decluttering process of in our home. Instead of decluttering every couple of months, we can do it frequently, which can really help motivate us throughout the year. We can by going from room to room and clearing out anything we don’t use or wear. This is also the best time to find out what we can donate, sell or throw away too.


Disaster Averted

Keeping our homes safe and sound should be our number one priority no matter what time of year it is because it can prevent any harm from happening to ourselves or to loved ones. Making sure we have the appropriate items to keep us safe and secure is important. Add a section to your house that has a first aid kit, flashlights, bandaids, batteries and so on in the home. These items will become useful during a storm or any other kind of disaster that might happen at home. 


Not only are emergency kits important in our homes, but checking if our homes have any harmful gases lurking around can save us in the future. Install a carbon monoxide detector and check for radon by using test kits from the local hardware store. Lastly, checking our vents and ducts behind our dryers is also important to look out for. Although we might think we have done our job by removing the lint in the trap inside the dryer, it does not include the lint that escapes the trap. Checking for lint in these areas can prevent any problems from occurring since lint is highly combustible and can cause a fire if it is not removed properly.


Go Green, Save Money

Reducing our carbon footprint seems like it comes with a heavy price tag and can seem impossible, but it is a lot easier than we think. Although the first thing that comes to mind when going green is adding solar panels or using a hybrid car, but that does not have to be the only things we can do to reduce our carbon footprint. We can also reduce the energy usage in our homes by turning off our lights when we aren’t using them or it is still sunny out that we don’t need to use them. We can also use LED light bulbs, low-flow showerheads, turn off the air conditioner when we leave our homes and turn the heater down to 55 degrees at night. There are many things we can do to help the environment while reducing our bills, we just need to use common sense and it will all come together. 


Cleaning Schedule

Decluttering will be one of the important steps for us to follow, no matter if we are selling our home or just trying to live in it for years to come. After we declutter our homes, the easier step to take is cleaning it which also ensures that our home is picture perfect for unexpected visitors. Always have the dishes washes every night and stash them away in the dishwasher along with throwing dirty clothes in a hamper and hanging clean clothes. These are the easiest things to ignore and the most inconvenient to clean up after it has been ignored for a long time. To avoid problems doing these daily tasks, make sure all these items have designated places to go to at the end of the day. If not then these messes will never seem to be cleaned up. Weekly cleaning should also be done, but it can be assigned to whoever is living with us. Wipe down cabinets, spray counters, windows, appliances, mirrors and so on before you start to sweep\vacuum and mop.


Brian Burds

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