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Ways to Prevent Construction from Going Awry


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You are finally having your dream home built the way that you always pictured it. But if you do not want things to go wrong during the construction then it is important to always communicate everything that you want in your home. Not only will you have to be communicating with your builders on a regular basis, but you will also need to do more than just communicate with them. If you want your home to be built with all the bells and whistles that you have always dreamed about and not be faced with a situation where your home is not the home you discussed with your builder then follow these simple steps. 


Create a Premade Checklist

You need to be on the same page with your builders which is why creating a premade checklist is important in preventing problems with the build of your new home. It is typically recommended this is created because it protects both parties during the construction of the home and this checklist will need to be signed and dated to be able to protect both parties. The checklist will go over what the client (you) wants from the construction and the builders. It will point out what each party is responsible for, the duties, expectations and more. 


Check-in Frequently

You are investing a lot into your new home and making sure that it is built right is crucial because you will be the one living in it for many years to come. Checking in on the construction of your home is not frowned upon and is highly recommended to ensure that everything is being followed and going according to plan. You can go everyday and it will be ok since it is always better to bring up potential issues right away rather than later. For example, it might have been raining a lot which can damage the lumber that is being used and could cause it to rot if not stored or protected properly. If that is the case and you are not aware of this mistake then you will be paying for it later when your roof starts to mess up more. To avoid having to pay for things that should have been taken care of by the builders, you will need to stop by frequently at the site to check the progress of the home. 



Walkthroughs are a lot like check-ins except that you actually walk the area to see if everything is being put together in the proper way. For homes, it is normal to have three walkthroughs. During these walkthroughs, you will first be seeing if everything is situated in the correct way. After that first walkthrough, you will then be looking at the electrical and mechanical installation like the wiring and ventilation. Lastly, you will have your final walkthrough where you will be reviewing your checklist aka the punch list with the builder. 


Checklist (Punch List)

Before you begin moving in your home once construction is over, it is important to look at your punch list and go over any issues that you see in the home with your builder. Although you may feel anxious pointing out mistakes and problems, you will need to put that behind you and say something to your builders. If you choose to stay silent then your problems will only get worse and you will have to pay for it in the future. Going over your checklist allows your builders to fix the problems instead of losing you and future clients for not resolving anything. 



Nothing ever goes right despite all the planning you have done, especially when it comes to building a home. A construction team may be on schedule for the most part but they might end up being side tracked due to an unforeseen problem. As a result, most clients will become agitated and impatient because the schedule is not going as planned. To avoid feeling like this, you will need to remind yourself to remain flexible in the timeline of the build because nothing will ever go according to plan. If you want the work to be done right then you need to stay patient or else you will have to live in a home full of poor craftsmanship or you might not get everything that you asked for. 


Understand Your Warranties

Reading and understanding your warranties will save you so much in the long run if you come across a problem in the handy work or other issues in your home like mold, etc. When you read your warranty, you will be able to find out that most construction warranties cover issues and defects in the build of the home. For example, if you have some windows that were installed incorrectly which is damaging the frame and allowing leaks to enter the home then that might be covered in your warranty. These warranties can last up to one year or more. 


Brian Burds

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