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What Are Home Inspections?

What you need to know about inspections before you buy.

Today I want to go over three points about home inspections. First, what are inspections? Next, should you get an inspection? Finally, what should you do after your inspection? Let’s get into it.

So what is a home inspection? It’s when a third party searches a property you may be purchasing and identifies any issues. They may not go into incredible detail, but they will determine if there are deficiencies in what you are buying. A few of the things inspectors usually look at include plumbing, electrical, structural issues, and visual items. The point of an inspection is that it isn’t biased towards the buyer or seller since a third party does the inspecting.

If you’re looking to purchase a home, should you get an inspection? In my opinion, you should because there are many benefits to knowing about issues before you buy. First, if the problems are deal breakers, you can walk away from the purchase. However, if you still want to buy the home, you can use what was found during the inspection in negotiations. Plus, you can’t truly judge a house by its cover. Often, a home will look like it’s in pristine condition, but tons of issues will come up in the inspection.

“Inspections aren’t biased towards the seller or the buyer.”

On top of that, inspections allow warranties and insurances to activate immediately upon purchase. For example, if the plumbing was fine during the inspection, but you are having issues now, your insurance can look at the inspection report to prove your claim. The same principle applies to home warranties. Many inspection companies actually offer them to justify their work in the transaction.

Once you complete a home inspection, what should you do? Communicate with your real estate professional to see if any items in the inspection report should either be taken care of or negotiated in the contract. This is a great resource, but the market will ultimately determine what you can do with your report. In a tough one like ours, inspections are typically not as intense as they may be otherwise.

As a final tip, make sure you communicate with your agent about your home inspection. Each house is different, and your real estate professional will help you do things right. If you have any questions, please call or email my team. We look forward to hearing from you!


Caitie Neal

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