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What are Termites and Why a Home Inspection Matters to Sellers and Buyers

What are Termites and Why a Home Inspection Matters to Sellers and Buyers


In a recent episode of the Growler Hour, Brian Burds, Nick Haggerty and the crew from Triple AAA Home and Termite Inspections, had a long conversation about the importance of getting timely home and termite inspections, the process, the use of new technology, and how the information is necessary for both home buyers and sellers. The integrity of a home inspection can mean the difference between avoiding a catastrophe, learning about an impending issue, or being confident about the foundation of a home. For sellers, it can mean information that serves as a strong negotiating point.

What is a Termite?

There is a reason why these critters don’t have a good reputation. First off, they are sneaky. They are often called the “silent destroyer” because they have a way to hide and breed for a long time before they make their presence known. In the meantime, they might be wreaking havoc to the structure of a home. Secondly, they also look like ants. This means that many homeowners—once they begin to appear— will confuse the critters with ants and either unsuccessfully try to get rid of the problem or ignore it. Third, they reproduce quickly. 

Termites will primarily feed on the part of the wood called cellulose and detritus, dead plants and trees as well as dead parts of trees or plants. While they eat wood primarily, termites will also feed on paper, plastic, insulation, and drywall. This makes the foundation of any home vulnerable to an infestation. Termites can reproduce rather quickly, as a queen termite can have up to one hundred to one thousand eggs a day.

Where They Breed

In some instances, termites can make their way into your home through small holes in the foundation. They will then feed on the wood and can cause significant damage to nearby wood sources that might include structural supports made of wood, especially where there is direct wood-to-ground contact. They will also invade spots like basement windows near the ground, joists in crawl spaces, or wooden porches.

Why Home Inspections Matter

Home and termite inspection can tell you whether your home is at risk or is currently showing signs of termite presence. A professional will inform you if the house is showing any damage or whether it might have suffered some structural problems due to past infestations. Because of technology, today’s inspections can provide vast amounts of information very quickly. The goal is that all the necessary information is out in the open. El Paso sees its fair share of desert subterranean termites, particularly in the sprint time following a relatively mild winter.

Why It Matters To Us

As realtors, we take our responsibilities to heart. Our success is due in large part to the standards of integrity that we place on everyone on the team. We often represent the buyer, meaning we are working with their best interest at heart. We can also represent the seller and why we discuss that even pre-listing home inspections can be beneficial.  We want to be able to talk to our clients about the importance of having these inspections and understanding all the information they are given. We are there to negotiate on your behalf, to help you find your home, and take care of the legalities and paperwork involved. When looking to buy or sell your home make sure to talk to The Brian Burds Home Selling Team.



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