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What to Consider When Purchasing Your New Home

What to Consider When Purchasing Your New Home

By: Tanya Torres 

Are you freaking out because you are currently purchasing a new home and you have no idea what you should be doing? If so, we have created some important points that you need to reference when you are in the process of purchasing your home. At the end of this list, you will feel a lot better about this new milestone in your life. 

Walkthroughs Are Your Best Friend

Before you do anything after purchasing a home, you will have to do a thorough walkthrough of your home. You will have to look at everything as closely as possible to ensure everything is functioning correctly.

Consider a Home Inspector

Although you potentially already did a walkthrough of your own, it is important to have professional home inspector look through everything to guarantee that everything is fine. By having your home inspected by a professional, they will be on the lookout for everything that we wouldn’t normally know to keep an eye out. The inspector will have a thorough look around the house, from top to bottom to see if there are any expensive problems hidden from eyesight. It will give you a peace of mind to know everything is indeed functioning properly while identifying any needed repairs that won’t add up in the future.

Check Appliances and Electrical Outlets

This section will also be checked during the walkthrough but to keep your peace of mind, it doesn’t hurt to check all appliances and outlets on your own.

Turn on the Utilities

We are no longer living in the stone age so having your utilities such as internet and cable set up is necessary in our technology enthusiastic world. Be sure to also contact your local water, electric and gas companies to have your services turned on or transferred to your name. 


Window Treatments

If your windows are not treated at your new home then you might want to consider getting it down as soon as you can. Although you must have loved how bright it is during your viewing of the home, you may not like the idea of people being able to look into your home.

Punch List

If you haven’t heard of a punch list, it is not a list of people you want to punch and it is definitely not a list of punch drinks you want. A punch list is a document that lists the items that need to be repaired, damages to materials, incorrect installations, or areas that are not functioning as promised. The punch list typically has the smaller items that need to be repaired since the larger ones will be the main focus. 

Residence Homestead Exemption

If you purchased your home in the previous year then you can see if you still qualify for the Residence Homestead Exemption. The form is meant to help you with tax savings and it costs nothing to apply for it. You can choose to do it online, use an app or through mail. The only thing you will need to include in your application is a copy of your driver’s license or state ID. There will not be any fees you will need to pay and you will not have to pay a third party either to have this processed. It is completely free and it will help you save money on your home tax instead of cost you anything. In Texas, you will need to own and occupy the property and you cannot claim a residence homestead exemption on any other property.

Save Your Documents

When you have important documents, it is highly recommended for you to save these documents somewhere safe. Although you could have a great place to store these documents, life happens and that means that it can get destroyed and you’re left with nothing. This is why you also need to store these crucial documents in numerous places like a thumb drive, on your computer, in your iCloud drive or Google drive. It is always necessary to keep copies of important documents, if not then you’ll be kicking yourself later when you find out that they have been misplaced or damaged. 


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