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Why You Should Choose The Brian Burds Home Selling Team

By: Tanya Torres


Finding the right person to work with when it comes to selling or purchasing a home is important because it reduces the work that you will have to deal with on your own. A real estate agency deals with these types of scenarios on a daily basis which is why it is crucial to find the right realtor or agency who can help you with all of your needs so you won’t be fumbling in the dark on your own anymore. It is an emotional process which is why it is important that you choose the correct team for you. 


Customer Service

When it comes to the Brian Burds Home Selling Team (BBHST), they will stick by your side from start to end and provide you with everything that you need during this process which is why he rose to being in the top 100 realtors in El Paso. He became successful not because he focused on the numbers and profits that came with selling homes, but because he focused on his client’s needs. He knew early on that his clients came first which is how he developed his “client first” philosophy and his belief has been proven true with how successful his business continues to be. 


Finding the Right Home

Working with BBHST means that all of your concerns and needs will be met during your time with them. For example, they understand that there is a history behind every house and in order to find the perfect person for that house, they learn everything about the home. By learning the home’s story, it helps them better serve their clients because that is the most important step in the home buying/selling process. Their hard work shows with all of the success stories that they have which is why working with them can help you tremendously. 


More than a Dollar Sign

Everyone needs money but it should not stop people from helping those who need help. At Brian Burds Home Selling Team, their client comes first which means that you will never be seen as a dollar sign to them. Focusing on attaining more money does not help a business because the customer will feel like they are being used and that is something Brian and his team do not do. When you work with the BBHST, you will be receiving the top customer service available and working with experienced employees.



Brian began his career in 2005 and has become increasingly successful in real estate as a result of his determination and hard work. It is apparent that Brian is extremely knowledgeable in his work which is how he was able to create a team to help him with his business. Some members of his team have 15 years of experience, others 5 and so on. Although the years of experience varies from employee to employee, the drive and passion that each employee has to help residents of the Sun City find a perfect home is the same for all of them which is why choosing to work with Brian and his team will make matters so much easier for you and your loved ones. 



Brian’s team is structured in a way to ensure that everything goes smoothly which means that there are different sections to the entire team. For example, he has a listing team, a buyer’s agent team, a service-based concierge administrator team and a selling team. All are separate to guarantee that they focus on these specific areas to help their clients better and more easily rather than taking it all on at once. Rather than having his team become overwhelmed with the amount of work it takes to focus on certain tasks, he has them focus on those areas to ensure that everything is handled correctly and promptly for you.


Tanya Torres is a content writer for Brian Burds at Century 21 who has written several publications as a freelance writer for KISS-FM, Fusion Magazine, El Paso Times and so on.


Brian Burds

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